G3's Climbing Skin Hands for Ski Touring

G3 designed and patented articulating hands for climbing skins back in 2007. This clever innovation is now featured on every skin we make, and for good reason. These self-aligning stainless steel hands create a strong connection with any ski tip shape. I can take this same skin and set it up on a number of different ski tip shapes and widths. And you can see how the articulating hands auto adjust to fit just right.



For any location and all conditions. Universal nylon plush material for durability and versatility. Optimal balance of grip/glide/weight/durability. The stiff material of the ALPINIST+ tip...

€135,95 Shop ALPINIST+ UNIVERSAL Climbing Skins

If you love the G3 hands and you want to put them to use on a different pair of skins, just grab the Escapist Tip Kit and follow the instructions to set it all up. The hands are not replaceable on their own. We have immense confidence in the strength and reliability of these ends through the years and years of field use, but if you do have a warranty issue, just let us know and we will get it figured out. If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to us.