ZENOXIDE C3 105 Wins Ultimate Quiver Award


True to G3’s commitment to innovation and high quality standards, our entry into the carbon ski category had to be all or nothing. With efficient material use and effective construction, we surpassed our goal to build some of the lightest skis on the planet for their size – at a price that every skier will appreciate. We couldn't be happier with the result - the new ZenOxide C3 105 'CarbonUltraLight'.

From the early reviews it sounds like we're not the only ones who are excited. WildSnow.com recently ranked it in their 'Ultimate Quiver' of backcounry skis every skier should try. In their review they write:

"You want a carbon feather-weight plank in modern dimensions? Look no farther than G3′s C3 Zen Oxide. At 131/105/123 widths and 1,500 grams for a 178 cm, these guys return serious surface to mass ratio." Reviewer Louie Dawson added “In powder the C3 is fast, and also quite snappy. I had a blast popping off pillows and out of deep turns. That same day I also managed to take a few runs on icy groomers and crud. Being such a light ski, I was worried C3 would be chattery and get thrown around. Instead, they sliced nice rails on the groom…”

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