VIA CARBON Ski Poles - Poles - G3 Store [CAD]
VIA CARBON Ski Poles - Poles - G3 Store [CAD]
VIA CARBON Ski Poles - Poles - G3 Store [CAD]
VIA CARBON Ski Poles - Poles - G3 Store [CAD]


G3 Genuine Guide Gear®
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THE premier carbon ski pole for technical users looking for a lightweight yet fully-featured tool with a feature set built for the backcountry.

Now lighter than ever with its ergonomic foam grip. Soft and comfortable foam grip with dual density plastic upper for precision. Extended utility tab for binding heel lifts, boot buckles, and more. Also aids in precise pole plants.

Hard plastic eyelet yields one of 2 attachment points for drying gloves or attaching tent lines.  Included backcountry strap is comfortable, form fitting, and easily removable for skiing in avalanche terrain.

Features a lightweight and simple lower grip position for side-hill ski touring.  The asymetric Powder Basket reduces drag & eliminates cantilever effect in hard pack snow or while doing steep terrain kick turns.  Also makes it easier to hook binding heel lifts up and down. 

Recommended User Height:

Pole Length User's Height (in.) User's Height (cm)
Short (95-125 cm)
4'1" - 6'0" 124 - 183 cm
Long (115-145 cm) 5'4" - 6'8"
162 - 203 cm


    • New light and comfortable foam grip
    • QuickFlick utility tab
    • Hard plastic eyelet offers 2 attachment points for drying gloves or attaching tent lines
    • Soft & light removable strap
    • Lightweight and simple lower grip position for side-hill ski touring
    • Burly forged aluminum lever with a simple and easy to use offset cam
    • Asymmetric powder basket
    • Flex ferrules - Protects lower shaft. Easily replaceable
    • Carbide tip - Grips securely on ice and rock
    • Compatible with all G3 Baskets, except PIVOT Magnetic Basket
    • Sold as a pair

    Tech Specs

    Lengths: Short Long
    Weight (kg): 219g 259g (per pole)
    Weight (lb): 7.7oz 9.1oz (per pole)
    Minimum Length: 95cm 115cm
    Maximum Length: 125cm 145cm
    Material: Carbon

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    Emma C.
    Stellar pole!

    Love the extended grip on these, the baskets, and large surface area on the top of the handle. Plus, lightweight!!

    Paul D.
    Canadian Product?

    This season, I’ve purchased a pair of Findr 105s with Ion 12 bindings, these poles and the Love Glove. I have been keen to support your products as I thought it was made in Canada. Disappointingly, it turns out that quite a few of your products (including Skis!?!?!) are made in China. Please reconsider this policy. Not only can I not, as a consumer, trust the build quality; but I cant support the export of production to China. I am willing to pay more for a product made here in Canada.

    g3 via carbon ski poles

    the poles are so light ans they are perfect for skin ski. best poles

    Maxime B.
    Via carbon ski pole

    The pole are so light. They are so perfect for skin ski. Best poles

    Nicola W.

    I absolutely love these poles! They are strong, sturdy, adjust easily & quickly and lightweight. I have the longer version and I can still shorten them even more than 115cm. I would highly recommend them!
    My only negative is that the grip ices up easily they get snow on the handles, it then takes a while for them to de-ice.